Dante can work almost everywhere at your place: flat walls, archs, ceilings, pillars and also self-standing structures as columns which can be then join to already existing walls. Installations might include lights, music effects, screens and as many scenes as you would like to.

1. How to get in contact with Dante Dentoni?

Send an email to with your personal information and location for the installation you are interested in.

2.  Can Dante install art pieces overseas?

Yes. Pieces can be shipped worldwide and Dante can travel for its installation.




3. What does Dante need to create a proposal?

Client invites Dante to the his place where an inspection will be done in order to collect all necessary information regarding the house structure. Only then, Dante is able to prepare a proposal including sketches.

4. How is the installation decided?

Dante will discuss the proposal until it is agreed with Client ( location, shape, size and effects to be included), only then Dante will start the art piece creation at his Studio in Miami, FL, US. 



5. Who choose the scenes?

Scenes are suggested by the Client, if desired.

In order to make installations as customised as possible, Dante will try to have in mind a place, a memory, a hobbie or passion significant for the client in order to develop the scenes, adding his own imagination and creativity.

Size and amount of scenes depend on the location and available space behind walls.  

Otherwise, Dante can decide the scenes.

6.  What about the installation at my place?

When shipping arrives to destination, Dante will travel to your place for the installation. The lenght of the installation will depend on the location and size.